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Is the Future of Work an opportunity for your organization?


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I am…

…a former marketer turned serial entrepreneur, teacher, facilitator and certified coach.

I’m here to help you rethink the way you manage your teams. If you are an unconventional manager, a change-maker, a project-taker; if you look at conventional management and ask “Why?” and “Can we do better?”, you’ve come to the right place.

From an early age, we are encouraged to follow a set path. A few hundred years ago, rules and order within a team were essential to the survival of a business. If you didn’t keep things under control, you risked anarchy, loss of revenue, or worse, bankruptcy.

Times have changed. The Future of Work is a profound change in our frame of reference. It is the recognition of the individual within the group, and the quest for perpetual evolution.

👉 There’s no longer a place for work and a place for personal life.
👉 There’s no longer a time for work and a time for self.
👉 There are no longer work relationships and personal relationships either.

It’s all getting mixed up together, creating a merry mess in which it is sometimes hard to find a frame of reference. And that’s the beauty of the concept: it is a space where you are no longer dependent on the framework imposed by cultural norms that don’t always suit you. You can design YOUR framework.

And, as always, “with great power come great responsibilities”. Defining this framework is far from being as simple as one might imagine, especially when it must also interconnect with a team’s framework.

When you reimagine the status quo to integrate new ways of thinking about work, you’re not just improving your employees’ well-being at work.

You are changing your company’s culture.

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Be at the forefront of change, recognize the opportunities that a new generation of management can offer you, and get your business moving.