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At WDS (World Domination Summit) the recurring theme is simple: how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

After spending a week in Portland, OR, last summer hearing amazing speakers, sharing incredible experience (and ice-cream) with inspiring people, and finding “my” people among the new friends I was making, I came back to France with a few lessons that are the beginning of an answer to that burning question.

WDS: how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?

Lesson #1: Embrace weirdness – or as Agapi Stassinopoulos puts it:

“You’re not here to blend in. You’re here to stand out.”

Truth be told, I have rarely encounter such a group of open-minded, loving people, so rich in its diversity and in its acceptance.

Lesson #2: Have a destination in mind – because, in the end, there’s a place you know you want to end-up. Then keep your eyes on the end goal and enjoy every moment of the ride.

Lesson #3: If we don’t ask, we don’t get – true, there are millions of time we ask for something only to face a negative answer. People have their reasons for saying no. There’s no need to take it personally. All we can do is respect that. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. But if you don’t play the game, there’s 100% chance that you’ll never win.

Lesson #4: You have to believe you’re worth it – there was a bunch of inspiring quotes to choose from, offered here and there during the event. One in particular resonated with me and I took it home:

“You deserve the life you desire”

Lesson #5: You have to believe you can do it – The quote is now sitting on my desk, reminding me everyday that the choice is always mine and I’m the only person who can create the life I want to live.

Lesson #6: Don’t keep your story inside – This is why I’m here, sharing my story with you. Because all those stories were uplifting and inspiring. And so is mine.