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Another WDS has come and gone. For the eighth consecutive year, Portland, OR hosted the gathering of hundreds of beautiful minds for a week of conferences, workshops, meetups and… goat yoga! For the second time, I was lucky to be among them. For the second time, I missed the goat yoga… womp womp… I still did a photo walk and a took a tap class in the middle of the street and, I got a lot out of this year’s edition. Here are the highlights of my WDS 2018:

Meet Suzy the apologetic groupie

Thanks to Marsha Shandur, I finally was able to identify this alter ego that possesses me when I’m facing someone whose work I admire. Imagine the 40+ year old me, turning into a 16 year old only able to form the sentence: “You’re so great! I really love what you’re doing! I’m sorry to bother you but you’re really so great!”… Yep… There are better ways to impress. I called her Suzy the apologetic groupie.

Suzy had quite the ride this year since I met two of my favorite authors: Leo Baubauta and Jonathan Fields. I did workshops with both of them and I’ll certainly share more about it in another post, but I mustered the courage to ignore Suzy and go shake their hands and unapologetically tell them how great I think they are. That’s progress, right?

Main Stage Madness

WDS 2018 was not different than its previous editions and brought some serious inspiration to the Newmark Theatre stage. Among them, I was particularly touched by the stories of Adam Valen Levinson, author of The Abu Dhabi Bar Mitzvah (W.W. Norton, 2017), and his journey through fear and beyond; and Ryan Holiday, former director of marketing for American Apparel and best-seller author, who now lives on a farm and has a pet donkey (so jealous…) Ryan took the stage to another level when bringing up great thinkers and philosophers.

“We are human beings, not human doings.”
– Rick Warren

Anyone interested in discussing why we’re on this planet? Please ping me, you will make my day!

My people are good people

Last year at WDS, I learned a lot, and met some incredible ladies: Andrea, the former innovation manager turned interior designer, Christine, the former sign producer turned life coach and Kimberlee, the former marketing director turned artist. When we met, a year ago, we all started moving in a directions very different from where we came from. I am very proud to see everything those ladies have accomplished in only 12 months. Our monthly calls are a moment I treasure. They’re part of my success scaffolder, as Jonathan Field would put it.

Sharing this week with them again was both inspiring and rewarding. I can’t wait to see where we’ll be a year from now.

So, yes, another WDS has come and gone. It took a few extra days roaming around the Pacific Northwest to clear my head and digest all the information and inspiration I received in Portland. But I’m back and ready now… Big things are coming your way! Stay tuned!