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In my yearly objectives, I had listed to spend four weeks abroad this year, after a rough 2021 on the traveling side. I spent a week in Barcelona in January and it was time for a second round of traveling. I was supposed to head to Jordan in April which was canceled a few month ago, so, on a whim, and because I knew that if I let my agenda opened too long it would fill up really quick, I booked a week in Madeira with a hiking-specialized tour operator.

The week was delightful. We spent a lot of time exploring the different corners of the island, enjoyed some great waterfall-chasing and hiking along the levadas (the local water distribution system). We drank poncha (local rum, molasses and lemon) every day and tried all sorts of local delicacies. And I slept ! It was really nice to have splurged on my own room and be able to go to bed early every night. We usually left the hotel around 8:30 am which, while it probably sounds early to some, still left plenty of lounging time to the early bird that I am.

So the overall week was great. Getting there and getting back… not so much. Because it turned out to be during the school’s Spring Break, all the direct flights were fully booked pretty early. Which means I had to :

  • Leave from (and return to) Paris (two hours by train)
  • Take two RER and a shuttle to get from the train station to the airport (and back)
  • Spend two hours in the Lisbon airport on the way there and two hours in Porto on the way back.

Needless to say it was not the quick and easy in and out it could have been. But it was well worth it.ERemote workers are back doing what they do best : work remotely

In Madeira, we stayed most of our trip in Ponta do Sol, a lovely little resort on the Eastern side of the island. Turns out, it’s also quite the spot for remote workers. I passed on the hike one day and roamed around, treating myself to a lovely lunch in a local restaurant. As I was enjoying my pinchos, I eavesdropped on the conversations around me. As it turns out, a wedding was about to happen at the end of the week and the place was crawling with a wide variety of accents. It was easy to recognize the location-independent crowd.

Suddenly, I really missed the remote life. I missed settling somewhere new and calling it home for a bit. I missed exploring the surrounding areas and knowing that I have time to come back before I have to leave. And I missed my friends. I miss the nomad conversations, the travel stories and the game nights.

But I also realized it was becoming an option again. And that’s exactly what I needed to kick me out of the monotonous cycle I locked myself in last year. I still have big home-base-related projects on the agenda, but traveling and nomading are now becoming a front and center piece of my life again.

In June, I’ll be heading to the USA’s west coast and reconning with the event that transformed my life several years ago : the World Domination Summit. Yep. It’s all about dominating the world with love, kindness and service to others. Then, I’ll close this last chapter of WDS the way I started it, traveling to San Francisco. But, this time, by train.

In September, it’s the location-independant crowd I’ll be reconnecting with while hanging out in Montreal and its surroundings for the 7in7 conference.

Finally, I will close my travel year, in November, with the much waited for photography-trip to Jordan. Long overdue…

That’s a lot more than four weeks abroad. Certainly. And I’m really happy with that. And all this travel has one goal : rethink the way I can travel and work, over longer periods of time in 2023. I have been wanting to take a month off my regular job to explore other opportunities… next year might be the year. Stay tuned if you want to know more about it.