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I love this idea that I borrowed from Laura Vanderkam to do a list of things I want to do while the summer months are in full bloom and before the September craziness hits back. Almost even more than the Holiday season (at least in France), summer is often filled with traditions, rituals and opportunities for adventures. And after two pandemy-tainted summers, this year’s ought to be exceptionnal. Right ?

Well, if three big adventures are planned between June and December, the summer months themselves should be pretty quiet. In between 2-weeks-long trips, I will definitely need the time to rest and recharge in July and August. Small adventures here and there are in the books but, I must confess, I always enjoy staying in the city when everyone is gone.

As for my list this year, this is what summer will look like.

Have frog legs along the Saône River. It’s so lovely to be sitting under the trees and enjoying the delicious fare while staring at the river… This first item is already checked, actually. I seized the opportunity that my friend Sandrine was in the area and we had a lovely lunch in Rochetaillée-sur-Saône.

Visit a sea resort and have a flower-shaped gelato. Because yes, gelato should always be served in the shape of a flower. And, while I enjoy it pretty much anywhere, anytime and in any season, having one on a resort’s boardwalk really gives it this summer vibe.

Spend two weeks abroad. This is my big summer adventure ! Hello Portland ! Hello San Francisco ! Hello Villamette Valley ! Hello my friends that I haven’t seen in over two years ! Hello amazing train rides along the Pacific Coast ! Hello traveling solo and savoring every second of it !

Listen to live music outdoors. Every summer there are two festivals that I try to attend for, at least, one concert : Jazz à Vienne and the Nuits de Fourvières. Both are offering great artists performing in Roman amphitheaters. This year I will be gone during the former, but we have tickets to go listen to Marcus Miller in Fourvières.

Visit a beer garden. It’s such a fun time generally. I hope the opportunity arises, particularly while I’ll be in Portland : a good pin of craft beer, a plate of fried food, a few friends, maybe a game or two… what’s not to love ?

Have a BBQ dinner. Or multiples… Since I no longer eat meat, BBQs are becoming a great place to experiment with veggies. Although, truth be told, I’m a sucker for grilled sardines !

Do a day-long bike ride. This should probably happen toward the end of the summer, right now the temperatures might be a little high to really enjoy the ride. But I’m thinking about heading toward the Beaujolais area, or continuing the Voie Verte in the Alps.

Go fruit picking. And make jam. I found this lovely farm last fall, I’m wondering what they have to offer in the summer : strawberries ? Peaches ? Apricots ? I’m drooling just thinking about all the fruits.

Write a Learning Bucket List. I have been meaning to do one for a long time. Learning is the one thing I cannot seem to commit to a plan with. I learn a lot. But I’m such a multi-passionnate person that I never go really deep in anything. I would really like to take the time to pause and think about what learning means to me. How far should I go for each of the thing that I’m interested in ? What would be on my list ? Maybe this will be the subject of an upcoming post.

Do a retreat. Or two. I have a Boots & Cats retreat planned in July and an Untied retreat planned in August. These will be my small adventures. I love the concept of disconnecting from my daily surroundings and spending time with like-minded people to plot, strategize, plan, learn, and have deep conversations.

I suggested to the Untied community to do this exercise as well, and we found that many of us have crossovers on our lists. Even more reasons to plan fun things ! Do you have a summer fun list ? Wanna share what’s on it ?