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In my life, I have been many things professionally: a project manager in a design agency, a marketing manager for a pharmaceutical company, a media buyer/strategist, a dance instructor (twice), a professor, a journalist, an entrepreneur… Some would say “unstable”. For a while I believed them. With great sadness but acceptance. Until I discovered Emilie Wapnick‘s TEDTalk and I realized: I’m just a multipotentialite. With great enthusiasm and great pride.


When did I become a multipotentialite?

In my life, I have always been interested in art. When I was in high-school, I was part of a theatre group and I even put together a play based on the movie The Breakfast Club. I thought that I wanted to become an actress. I even auditioned for an acting school. My parents did not approve. I ended up in college learning communication.

Meanwhile I was writing short stories for my friends: mini romance novels featuring them as the main character. I sent one of them to a Harlequin contest and won. It was published at the end of one of their books.

In college, I realized I was not keen on the modern take on theatre and I took on ballroom and tap dancing. Little did I know I would use that later in my professional career. For many years, dance was my art of choice. I ended up making a living out of it: teaching ballroom dancing and choreographing first dances for wedding couples. I loved it.

When I moved back to France, I no longer was interested in dancing. But for a year, I had discovered that despite what my father thinks, I can sing. I mean, I’m not good at all, but I enjoy singing and I can learn and improve. That became my thing. I’m a singer.

At the same time, I played around with an Instagram account and fell in love with landscape photography.

So acting, writing, singing, dancing, photographing… Am I unstable also in my hobbies? Nope! I’m happy to confirm, I’m 100% a multipotentialite.

How about now?

Today, when someone ask me what I do for a living, there’s no short answer. Because, going further, I had the opportunity to attend an academy given by Emily at the 2017 WDS and found out I am also a slasher.

So yes, I’m a marketer/professor/consultant/writer/coach/entrepreneur/trip organiser… And guess what, that’s the way I’m balanced and happy!

If you’re curious about mutipotentiality and the work Emilie is doing with her Puttylike community, I highly recommend her book: How to Be Everything: A Guide for Those Who (Still) Don’t Know What They Want to Be When They Grow Up.

It’s okay to stop worrying about being unstable. Instead, take a deep breath and, whatever society and convenances are saying, embrace your multipotentiality!