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After publishing last week’s post about the 2018 yearly review, I shared it with some of my friends feeling quite guilty. I realized that as I was looking back at this year, I skipped over one major event. Something that shook me to the core in the Spring: the loss of one of my old friends. This was very important. Did I forget about it? Not at all. I actually think about it very often, but one cannot grieve forever. This too shall pass.

The action of letting go can be difficult for some. And it is at the core of the second week of The Sacred Bow process that I am following during the month of December.

Let Go: Reflect on what you’d like to let go of moving forward, what you’ve been holding onto that’s not serving you. This is a releasing of baggage and struggles.

– Leo Babauta

How do you let go of the guilt of letting go?

Meditation helped me tremendously back in March. In a moment when I could easily go down a spiral of negative thinking born out of pain and questions, finding a place of peace, of absence of judgement, of love, was a solace.

Yes Jean-Jacques death was unexpected and painful. But, yes, this too shall pass. Letting go is a necessary step in the healing process. And I am not a bad person because I allowed myself to heal.

Now, did anyone say anything to me? Nope. Did anyone accused me of forgetting my friend because I was focused on my belly button and my selfish pursuit of happiness? Nope. Just me.

There is no judgemental and bitchy friend, pointing fingers, other than myself.

Impostor syndrome panic attack when I am about to enter a meeting with a client, about to give a talk or when I’m coaching an entrepreneur? *Raising hand*

Lack of confidence when I enter a room because I’m not pretty/thin/stylish enough to catch people’s attention? *Raising hand*

Fear of being judged because I live alone, travel alone, eat alone (this last one, true story, seriously… I literally felt shame confessing that I’m eating most of my meals alone)? *Raising hand*

Maybe it’s time to consider letting go of the judgemental and bitchy voice in my head, don’t you think? Maybe it’s time to look at her in the eyes and say: “you know what, hun, this too shall pass.”

Cover photo by Yuvraj Singh