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For the last couple of years, I have attempted to be more intentional with my life and, whether you can understand that or not, that also means “planning for fun”. So I’m making lists (what’s fun without a good list 😬) every season of what I’d like to do for fun over the next three months. And what’s more fun than a Spring Fun List ? Isn’t the essence of Spring, with its longer days and warmer weather (except for the occasional snow storm of cours), to be a good time ?

And, there’s always a way to be more intentional with fun, and create more opportunities to make memories.

First question on the agenda : where to find inspiration for “things to do” ? My favorite response is : within my community. I’m active in my neighborhood, have a good network of friends and coworkers in my area, and I stay in touch with various communities online. In one word, if there is fun to be had, I’m generally aware. And then, there’s always good ol’ internet and its collections of influenceurs in all shapes and forms.

For exemple, last fall, I read about apple picking “season”, it made me salivate. And I found out that just outside of Lyon was a very nice farm with lots of produce to be picked straight from the crop. We tested it and I came home with my hands full and there might be more to explore, and with different experiences according to the season.

And there’s always the good old newsletter. I’m subscribed to OnlyLyon’s email and I’m informed regularly of what to do around here, that’s how I found out about the brilliant exhibit on Antoine de Saint Exupéry that was held last year. Not everything is mind blowing but the idea is to get out of the house and to DO something.

2022 Spring Fun List

So, what’s on the list for this season ?

Ride my bike. I dusted Rita off a couple of weeks ago. The weather is now nice enough to take her out more often. And I love a good bike ride.

Travel. After Barcelona in Q1, it’s time to take off again. My goal for this year is four weeks abroad. Enjoying the nice spring weather somewhere fun can really fit that bill. Heading out to Madeira mid-April for a couple of weeks of rest, recovery, hikes and photography. Speaking of…

Take photos. I am pursuing my training (and certification) with a new workshop this spring about black & white photography. Really excited about continuing to learn and to explore my creative side.

Read books. Since I will be on vacation this month, I also want to feel “on vacation” through my readings. I have consumed a lot of really good non-fiction lately. All of which opened my eyes but did not entertain me per se. So, this spring, I’m switching gears and, reading at least a couple of light novels.

Enjoy dusk. My favorite time of the day is dusk. When it’s neither day nor night. And the Spring is the best season to enjoy that moment. There’s a special magic in the air. Time feels suspended. Just being outdoors and celebrating that moment  a few times this season would be amazing.

Learn about Native American history. There’s an exhibit in our local museum about the Sioux culture. It’s only here for another few month and I really don’t want to miss it. So, hop, on the agenda.

Run. I started running again. Again. As soon as the sun will be up a little earlier, I’m hoping to resume morning runs. They really give a kick to my day. Right now it’s -1°C at 7:00 am, so I might have to be a little patient but things are looking good for the weeks to come.

Do you have a “Spring Fun List” ? What’s on yours ?