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Can you believe we’re already in February ? The shortest month of the year ! And then, it’s a straight line to Spring. I must confess, winter has rarely felt so long. I am glad I have a solid plan for the year and many things to look forward to in the next few month to keep some sunshine in my heart.

1. Bringing the whimsy into goal settings

This year, I decided that if I was going to set some objectives, I’d rather have some fun with it. So, for myself and for all the Untied members who played the game, I created a “Life Bingo” : 15 things I want to accomplish in 2022, randomly organized on a bingo layout, ready to be crossed off. If / when we make a line, there’s an Untied accessory coming our way. Full bingo ? A fancy Untied product.

I tried to make my goals very specific (i.e. : sign the documents of the purchase of the land where I’m going to build my dream house), to mix quick satisfaction (i.e. : complete the 30-day yoga challenge from YWA) and longer term (i.e. : read 20 books), work-goals (i.e. : bring in 2 new people in Boots & Cats) and fun-goals (i.e. : spend 4 weeks abroad). You get the point.

I stuck the image of the bingo on top of my Notion’s Life Dash so that I can see it everyday and I’m checking every month where I am on the completion level. So far, it’s been working magic.

2. Back to traveling

I didn’t wait long when I realized the absence of traveling in 2021 was a real issue for me. And I packed my bags and spent a week in Barcelona. I used my SNCF-miles to score a free train tickets (only a 5-hours ride from Lyon) and splurged on a sweet AirBnB in Eixample. From there, I worked in coffee-shops, roamed all around town, sampled all the food, had brunch several times in the same week and had an overall blast.

3. First read of the year

Among my general objectives in life, I would like to learn more about what’s going on in the world. To be more aware, less in my “bubble”. And reading is a big part of this mission. I started the year by the eye-opening¬†Tightrope: Americans Reaching for Hope by Nicholas D. Kristof who paints a painful picture of what life is like for part of the American population. A part that I had never really encountered in my eight years there, making me realize how protected I am from some realities of life.

4. Launching the PPP 2022 season

For the past couple of years, I have been spearheading the entrepreneurship program for a local school. One of my favorite time of the year is the kick-off week that happens in January (often around my birthday), and where I get to put together a team of brilliant speakers that are running workshops for the burgeonning teams and projects.

This year, we have 352 students, 72 teams, over 30 speakers and I counted 130 + workshops ran in the span of a week. It was a giant Tetris in my head but one of the most fun and rewarding week of my year (and it will stay in the top 3 for a while).

5. On the traveling agenda

While I’m still waiting to get the confirmation that we’re going to Jordan in April, other travel plans are starting to shape up. And I will be on the other side of the Atlantic ocean quite a bit in 2022.

WDS is confirmed for late June, so hello Portland, OR my old friend. I’ll come to talk with you again. And I’m considering making a stop in Philly while I’m there. It’s been WAYYYY too long without seeing my second hometown.

And the 7in7 conference will be happening in Montreal in September. I’m already plotting what I will be adding to that mix in order to experience even more of the Indian Summer in Canada. Suggestions welcome !

6. A new site coming up

I have tossed and turned with my positioning for a while now, and I think I finally came up with the right one-liner both for the Untied community and for my personal brand. Now, “all” is left to do is to transform that into a neat home page on this site. New branding on its way ! Stay tuned !