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Since I discovered audiobooks, I’m insatiable. I have “read” so much while driving, while in the public transportation, while walking around… And the latest book I finished is called Letters to a Young Athlete, by former NBA player Chris Bosh. First, this explains the basketball reference in the title, since coming from ME, it can be a surprise. But also, what a great book that was ! All I could think of while listening to it is how much I would like to gift it to my nephews… if only they spoke English. I checked, there’s no French translation. If you know anyone in the publishing industry or if you know someone who knows someone who knows Chris Bosh, tell them I’d be happy to take on the job. That’s how much I would like to be able to share this book.

Now, what happened since we last checked in ?

1. All aboard the training train

I started a Digital Marketing certification for a local company. It’s a nine-days course that I give in-house. I’m doing it twice in the same company, for two different groups of people. 18 days total, over the course of several months, but half of it between February and March.

The team is really nice and I love that I get to interact live with people again (particularly as since March 14 we are officially no longer wearing a mask). But. The BUT is huge. I am definitely tired of digital marketing. I feel very irrelevant in being the one giving this training. I realize it is time for me to retire from this certification. This is a way too big source of stress.

And, listening to the participants over our various breaks, I also realize how disconnected I am from the corporate world. Not anything I would like to go back to any time soon.

2. Jordan missed the shot

Get the basketball reference here ? I’m on fire… 😅 (sorry MJ)

Knowing that I had a full agenda in Q1, I was particularly looking forward to traveling to Jordan in April for a photo-trip led by my friend Dustin Main. Of course, since COVID-19 is still a threat over everyone’s head, the trip was postponed and I’m now even more looking forward to it… in November !

But I had two weeks blocked out for traveling and I didn’t want to start filing them up with appointments and other drugs. And, how can I put that… : I NEED a vacation !!! 🤯 So, I splurged. I leaned in, clicked on the email and signed-up for a full week in Madeira with Terres d’Aventure. On the agenda : hiking, yoga, rest and recovery. I can’t wait.

3. Putting the brakes on the house

Among the various subjects on my agenda lately is the never-ending story of building my house. Imagine a book where the intro is as long as the story itself… that’s pretty much what mine looks like.

In order for the story to start I need to sign a pre-sale document for the purchase of the land. But, in order to sign that document we need a paper from the French administration approving the splitting of the original land into two slots.

And we wait.

And we wait.

I practiced patience and letting go for months now and I’m starting to wonder if I shouldn’t be looking for either a different land or a house to buy.

4. Learning to thrive in traffic

As I have been driving back and forth to the other side of town for the training, and once to my parents for a visit, I’m crushing my “reading” goal. And with some really great stuff too :

  • The Choice, by Edith Eger. A moving memoir from surving the death camps to becoming an eminent psychologist and author.

  • How the Word Is Passedby Clint Smith. An eye-opening study of the history of slavery in the United States through some of its most iconic landmarks.

Both are highly recommended to anyone who wants to come face to face with facts on how the world runs sometimes.

5. Checking the yoga box

It’s not a BINGO ! yet, but it’s the first step in this direction. I checked my first box by completing the 30-day Yoga With Adrienne challenge. I took some liberties with it (not doing it on days where I actually had a yoga class scheduled for example) but, one by one, I followed all the videos and enjoyed the ride very much. Nothing very surprising here, particularly if you’re familiar with Adrienne’s work.

Now I’m trying to keep it up as much as possible, by following her monthly calendar. And I also started going out on “runs” (which have a lot more walking than actual running) once in a while. I would like to do it more, but that means I need to set a whole hour aside for it, and that’s a big chunk of time to fit in for me right now.

6. Gasping for air

While the blue skies are starting to bring me energy again, I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster of 10-hour work days followed by crash down where I have zero energy and spend my days watching This Is Us (my latest addiction) instead of focusing on things that I want to do and steps toward my goals.

I know a re-ajustement is needed and I’m hoping that a lighter agenda in March, followed by some time-off in April will do the trick. To be continued…