The Vagabond Monkey – Episode 4

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The Vagabond Monkey adventure started in October 2017. Reunited with an old friend from the U.S. that summer, we decided to launch into a side-hustle adventure together. After exploring options around our idea of travel & photography, and figuring out a name that represented who we are, The Vagabond Monkey episode 4 tackles our missions and values as well as our objectives for the project.

Missions & Values

In November 2017 we were making progress. Our first landing page was almost complete and I was gathering testimonials from friends who traveled with me in the past year. I was also brainstorming our first blog article. We had several subjects in mind and settled for Un-tour: tactics to travel off the beaten path. The only thing left I got to do one of my favorite: write!

John and I agreed on our missions and values:

“We will achieve our vision by helping people travelling off the beaten path and sharing experiences with like-minded people – whether it is during or after their trip.

We believe that memories are made when we let a sense of adventure guide our steps. The Vagabond Monkey doesn’t do minibus and encourages everyone’s participation in creating that adventure for themselves.”

Objectives & Goals

This was soon followed by the writing of our objectives and goals:

“Through our business, we will bring people on trips, to destinations and at moments that we will choose because they fit with our mission and values. During those trips, we will offer coaching in photography and story-telling to help people create the best possible support for their memories.

Our main target is to put together one to three trips in 2018.

We will be the best at providing a very down-to-earth, shared experience by not over-organizing and making people feel that we’re simply a group of friends traveling together.”

A few days later, the landing page was published and I was tackling the Facebook page. And you know what they say: “if it’s on Facebook, then it must be real.”

The Vagabond Monkey was literally off the ground. We had the base, but the project remained to be built and to become viable. In an upcoming The Vagabond Monkey episode, I’ll tell you how we went about to achieve that.