A 7 days black & white photography challenge

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A couple of weeks ago, I was invited to participate into a photography challenge on Facebook. I generally don’t fall for this type of time-consuming, productivity killing, social media activity. But, I must confess, when I started seeing those black & white pictures popping up here and there on my Facebook feed, I was a little jealous. I really hoped that someone would challenge me. And, thankfully, my friend Michael did.

Photography challenge: just pictures, no explanations

The photography challenges goes like this: « Seven days, seven black-and-white photos of your life, no people, no explanation. Challenge someone new every day. »

I love the concept of taking snapshots of our day-to-day life. Among my friends’ pictures, I have seen some beautiful and very creative images of street corners, empty lots, city signs… I decided to make it my chance to see the beauty in my surroundings. From the view on the Rhône & Saône rivers that delight me every time I cross a bridge in Lyon, to my kitty snuggling at my feet as I was reading in bed, I have so many opportunities to witness heart-warming sceneries. Making a point to snapping a shot of them just helped remembering to be present with them.

Oh wait, mindfulness at its best. Right?

Then you get the option to use your creative brain into « making the picture pretty »: composition, shape (I’m a sucker for the 16:9 frame), color (guess what, even with black & white there is room for creativity – hello vintage Silvertone filter)… With a little consistency, the result can be pretty sharp.

Finally, the absence of words to explain what the images are about, leave a lot of room for intuitive storytelling and viewers’ imagination.

This photography challenge was a very refreshing experience, it added a little bit of creativity in my days. And if I only could nominate one person while in the challenge, today, I would like to nominate every one of you whom would like to give it their best shot (no pun intended).

And don’t hesitate to put a link to your public profile in the comment, I’ll be happy to go and cheer on your masterpieces!