A mind-blowing penultimate WDS

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Penultimate: “next to the last” (source: Merriam-Webster dictionary) 2020 will mark 10 years of WDS. 10 years of the gathering of some of the most amazing souls the universe has to offer, both on-stage and off-stage. After my second participation last year, where I might have put too much pressure on myself by wanting to share the wonders of WDS with someone else, I hesitated. What if I waited a year before coming back. Learning that WDS2019 would be the one before last helped me make a choice: I needed…read more

Looking back on WDS 2018

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Another WDS has come and gone. For the eighth consecutive year, Portland, OR hosted the gathering of hundreds of beautiful minds for a week of conferences, workshops, meetups and… goat yoga! For the second time, I was lucky to be among them. For the second time, I missed the goat yoga… womp womp… I still did a photo walk and a took a tap class in the middle of the street and, I got a lot out of this year’s edition. Here are the highlights of my WDS 2018: Meet Suzy…read more


The WDS Lessons

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At WDS (World Domination Summit) the recurring theme is simple: how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world? After spending a week in Portland, OR, last summer hearing amazing speakers, sharing incredible experience (and ice-cream) with inspiring people, and finding “my” people among the new friends I was making, I came back to France with a few lessons that are the beginning of an answer to that burning question. WDS: how do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world? Lesson #1: Embrace weirdness – or as Agapi…read more