The Vagabond Monkey – Episode 3

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After reuniting with a friend in July of 2017 and deciding to venture together in something related to photography and travels (both our passions), the “Audrey & John want to create something together” project was born. In the second episode, we ironed out our vision and started to throw a few numbers on paper. In The Vagabond Monkey episode three, we are looking at competition. We’re fine-tuning our idea and we’re starting to think about branding. From idea to project Around the end of October, I found a few competitive offers simply by…read more

The Vagabond Monkey – Episode 2

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In the previous episode of The Vagabond Monkey creation, I was explaining where the idea came from: a mix of strong desire to travel more, my skills in trip organisation and John’s skills in photography and the observation that people were looking to travel differently. This is an idea. But is it a business? Not yet. We’re at the end of October 2017. John and I have settled on our objectives, ironed out the concept, and we’re ready to put that baby out in the world. Where do we start?…read more

TheVagabondMonkey – Episode 1

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Among the many projects I am working on, TheVagabondMonkey holds a special place in my heart. It’s my traveling hustle, and I get to build it with a very talented special someone. I have always had a knack for traveling. I remember loving it when my grand-mother would take me on her senior club bus tours. With her, I visited Brittany and Austria. I was barely a teenager, generally the only person under 6o and I had a blast. Not only was I seeing new things every day but I…read more