Life and death of a business project

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When you are juggling a gazillion plus one projects at the same time, failure is not only bound to happen, it’s a necessity. “Success takes a lot of hard work, and a little bit of luck. And sometimes, your luck just runs out.“ Julia Elliott Brown, My business just collapsed – the truths that entrepreneurs never tell you about failure Seeing the death of a business project is rarely a fun experience. And, as a hard-core multipotentialite, I’ve seen more than my share. But every projects that folds makes a…read more

“Show me the money”, or how to set the price you’re really worth

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Pricing is a question that comes back over and over again, whether I’m coaching students working on an entrepreneurial project, chatting with freelancer friends or building a marketing strategy for a client. Last week, on The Kameleon Collective, a group of French freelancers and entrepreneurs who want to break free from cultural conventions, I asked participants to talk about a moment of pride and excitement. Super-talented graphic designer Sophie Spéciale, told us about the time two of her clients requested to pay her more for her services. How much better…read more