Expedition Happiness: to be happy or not to be happy

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Selima Taibi and Felix Starck, two german artists, decide to turn an American school bus into a home-on-wheels called Expedition Happiness and drive, east to west, across Canada and down to South America with their dog. Will they find happiness in this nomadic and adventurous life? That’s the question this documentary is trying to answer. Nomadic life and “van life” have been indubitably romanticized over the past few years. The whole tiny houses, digital nomads and other minimalism movement has taken the front stage, and, I must confess, I’m one…read more


Street photography: a 24-hour challenge

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Photography is a form of art I have always enjoyed. I never considered myself as anything close to a pro, but, over the past 10 years or so, I have enjoyed snapping a shot or two here and there. Mostly landscape photography like with this 7-day B&W challenge I joined a few months ago. It never occurred to me that, one day, I’ll test the waters of street photography. What is street photography anyway? Street photography, also sometimes called candid photography, is photography conducted for art or enquiry that features…read more

Spring review: how am I doing with my 2018 plan?

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Three months have passed since I planned for 2018. It’s time to review the beginning of the year and see where I am on track and where I’m falling behind. I had a very ambitious plan, with 11 different categories where I wanted to progress… How does that match with real life? Is it possible to go from written objectives to reality? Is it that easy? The answer is yes… and no. Spring review in action Looking back at my yearly objectives, I decided to evaluate them according to three…read more

You are grieving but love him anyway

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I learned something entirely new this week. I learn what it was to be grieving someone who chose to go. Loosing a friend is always heartbreaking. But facing sadness and hopelessness like you do when you deal with someone’s decision to take their own life brings a whole new perspective to grief. A perspective I had never had to deal with before this week. A perspective that opened new meanings to my relationships. Jean-Jacques and I went back almost 20 years. When he was my manager, before becoming my friend….read more


Happy 10 years of freedom anniversary to me!

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Monday morning. You get to the office, head to the coffee-machine, pour yourself a cup and sit a your desk. You turn your laptop on, check emails. Another Monday. Same walls. Same conversations. Same people. 10 years ago, that was my life too. Until I was offered the best gift of all: I was given freedom. It was certainly not easy. One morning, I got called in the H.R. office where I was explained that I didn’t fit anymore with the company. It was time for me to go. First…read more

Weekends are dead, hurray for weekends

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Last summer, I was approached by Blend Web Mix to give a short talk. For a moment, I thought very hard: what can I talk about that hasn’t been discussed many times before? What do I have a strong opinion on that I can illustrate with stories and data? And the lightbulb moment happened: the end of weekends as we know them. In the end, BWM was more interested in me speaking about social media, but the question stayed somewhere in the back of my head. Do we still need…read more

The Vagabond Monkey – Episode 2

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In the previous episode of The Vagabond Monkey creation, I was explaining where the idea came from: a mix of strong desire to travel more, my skills in trip organisation and John’s skills in photography and the observation that people were looking to travel differently. This is an idea. But is it a business? Not yet. We’re at the end of October 2017. John and I have settled on our objectives, ironed out the concept, and we’re ready to put that baby out in the world. Where do we start?…read more

Side Hustle, from idea to income in 27 days [Book review]

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In the late weeks of 2016, I (re)discovered author Chris Guillebeau. Once upon a time, I had read The $100 Startup : Fire Your Boss, Do What You Love and Work Better To Live More. But, somehow, I had never paid much attention to its author. Until one day I landed on Chris’ blog: The Art of Non-Conformity. One thing leading to the next, I was soon a regular listener of his podcast Side Hustle School, and I had signed-up to attend his event that summer in Portland, OR. Needless…read more

Working remotely for a week: pros & cons

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Very often I found myself explaining that I choose this life because “I can work from anywhere”. For many years, “anywhere” meant: my house, the dance studio, the shared office space, my friends’ houses or offices, the teachers lounge in one of the various school I teach at, a nearby coffee-shop. I used to joke I was a small business owner with office space is various neighbourhood of the city. And, a few years ago, I ramped this working remotely thing up a notch and took my office to Hamburg,…read more

Milestones: 10 things you should do before you turn 10

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I don’t have children. Probably never will. Of my own anyway… But I have two nephews and one niece, all between 5 to 10 years old. I love spending time with my smurfs, and witnessing them lay around all day playing video games just makes me sad. I, certainly can’t give parenting advice to my sister, but I almost as certainly can give life advice to her children. One of them being… There are a few things you should do before you turn 10… Roll in the grass: my sister…read more