Lean In [Book Review]

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I have made a commitment with my 2019 plan to read 12 books. I failed at the same commitment last year, reading nine out of 12, so, it was important that I tackled things heads on this year, starting with Sheryl Sandberg’s best-seller Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead. This read was long overdue. I have been a member of not one but two Lean In Circles for over a year now and I often had to (somewhat shamefully) confess: “Didn’t read the book just yet.” Well,…read more

Un-tour: 3 tactics to travel off the beaten path

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In August of 2016, I was in one of the most beautiful place I have ever been to: Dubrovnik, Croatia. I loved it and I hated it. I was traveling with a few friends, and after visiting the not-so-touristic city of Belgrade, Serbia with a bunch of locals, I found myself pretty much waiting in line with other tourists to enter the walled city of Dubrovnik. I remember watching the flow of people in the streets, half of them wearing cruise-badges, and wondering why I decided to come at the worst moment ever:…read more

Let’s get this planning party started!

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If you know me, you know that after reviewing 2018, letting go of the bagage and setting an intention for 2019, we’re entering my favorite part of all: planning for the year to come! Final step in the Sacred Bow process designed by Leo Babauta, this last part is all about putting abstract notions into concrete actions. My all time favorite! Create a Plan: Now we’re going to make a monthly, weekly and daily plan. It doesn’t have to be incredibly detailed — just create structure so that we can…read more

2019: a matter of Balance

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We’re almost done with 2018 and this last month was, for many of us, a period of reflection on the year that passed and preparation for the year to come. I have chosen to follow the path led by Leo Babauta, inspired by his article Sacred Bow: An Intentional Way to Close Out the Year & Start the New Year, and divide my December into four week. Now that I’ve closed the 2018 chapter by letting go of guilt as I enter the new year, it’s time to look at…read more

This too shall pass…

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After publishing last week’s post about the 2018 yearly review, I shared it with some of my friends feeling quite guilty. I realized that as I was looking back at this year, I skipped over one major event. Something that shook me to the core in the Spring: the loss of one of my old friends. This was very important. Did I forget about it? Not at all. I actually think about it very often, but one cannot grieve forever. This too shall pass. The action of letting go can…read more

Yearly Review: Looking back at 2018

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2018 is coming to a close and it’s time to start the process of looking back and looking forward. We always love to start anew with the iconic January 1st, filled with hopes and dreams about new beginnings and goals to achieve. And, as the months go by, motivation dwindles and we tend to move on from one thing to the next, forgetting all that seemed to matter so much during our annual planning session. A Yearly Review is a good way to remember what the objectives were and to…read more

A user guide to… me!

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I first heard about building a “user guide to me” on Gretchen Rubin’s podcast “Happier”. I immediately found the idea enticing. Charlotte have been working with me for something like five years now, and she knows me. She knows that I’m not a morning person when it comes to running meetings or teaching classes but that I’ll often power through my inbox before 8:00 am. She knows not to bring up anything that might aggravate me right before lunch time (or to find a way to feed me first). She…read more

Born for This [Book Review]

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you know that I share many of the values that Chris Guillebeau writes about. It all started with reading The $100 startup, several years ago, continued with attending WDS for the past two years, and I’m now going down the list of his books with Side Hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 Days first and now Born for This: How to Find the Work You Were Meant to Do. I initially bought the book as a gift for a friend who…read more

Once upon a time when I worked in Corporate America

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Once upon a time I had a “real” job. I had “real” jobs until 2008. The one that made my parents most proud was Marketing Manager for a small French pharmaceutical company. I was 30 and I was living the Corporate America(n) dream. In these times of Halloween, Facebook keeps sending me back to those days when we had an office celebration, and everyone would wear a costume. It doesn’t really make me nostalgic, but it pinches my heart a bit. A freelance person has recently posted something on a…read more

The Vagabond Monkey – Episode 4

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The Vagabond Monkey adventure started in October 2017. Reunited with an old friend from the U.S. that summer, we decided to launch into a side-hustle adventure together. After exploring options around our idea of travel & photography, and figuring out a name that represented who we are, The Vagabond Monkey episode 4 tackles our missions and values as well as our objectives for the project. Missions & Values In November 2017 we were making progress. Our first landing page was almost complete and I was gathering testimonials from friends who…read more